Terms of business

General Terms and Conditions of Business:

§1 Scope
1.1 All goods, services, and offers on the part of ONGO® GmbH are rendered on the basis of the contract entered into with the customer (consumer or business entity), with reference to the General Terms and Conditions of Business set forth hereinafter.
1.2. The General Terms and Conditions of Business of ONGO® GmbH apply, in the version thereof current at the time at which the contract is entered into, on an exclusive basis. We expressly reject any terms or conditions of the customer that contradict or vary from these General Terms and Conditions of Business, unless we have expressly consented to the application thereof in writing. Our General Terms and Conditions of Business apply even if we know of terms or conditions of the customer that contradict or vary from these General Terms and Conditions of Business and we render the contractually owed performance vis-à-vis such customer without reservations.
1.3. Our General Terms and Conditions of Business apply equally to consumers and business entities unless a distinction is made in a specific clause.

§2 Offer and entry into contract
2.1. The depiction of the product range on the Internet does not constitute an offer (Ange-bot) within the meaning of §§ 145 et seq. of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB). Our offers are non-binding and subject to change. ONGO® GmbH ONGO® GmbH accepts no liability for erroneous information or for printing errors. Minor deviations and technical changes from our illustrations or descriptions are possible at any time. The catalog or price list in question shall cease to apply upon the publication of a new version.
2.2. An order placed by a customer constitutes a binding offer. Immediately after sending an order, the customer will receive confirmation that the order has been received. This confirmation of receipt of the order does not yet constitute acceptance of the customer’s offer. Its sole purpose is to inform the customer that the customer’s order has been received in full by ONGO® GmbH. A legally binding contract is not formed between the parties until we accept the customer’s order by issuing an order confirmation, by delivering the goods, or by issuing a demand for payment or accepting payment.
2.3. Any and all subsequent changes to the contract and any side agreements and represen-tations must be agreed with us in writing. This also applies to all oral agreements, particularly also including agreements made by telephone, with regard to the implementation of the order.

§3 Consumer's right of revocation, consequences of revocation
3.1. Parties defined as consumers (Verbraucher) within the meaning of § 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB) are entitled to revoke their offers to enter into a contract in text form (e.g., letter, fax, e-mail) within 14 days without stating any reason for such action, or – if the goods are provided to them before the expiration of such period – by returning the goods provided to them. The time limit begins after receipt of this notice in text form, but not before receipt of the goods by the recipient (in the case of recurring deliveries of goods of the same type, not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before fulfillment of our duties to provide information in accordance with Article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 Para. 1 and 2 of the Act Introducing the German Civil Code (Einführungsgesetz zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch, EGBGB). Revocation is considered to have been stated in due time if the notice thereof or the goods in question are sent within the time limit.
Notice of revocation should be addressed to:

Klopstockstr. 51
70193 Stuttgart
E-Mail: info@ongo.eu
Telefax: +49 (0)711 469 078 99

3.2. In the event of valid revocation, the items of performance and consideration that have been received by both parties must be returned, and any benefit derived therefrom (such as interest) must be surrendered. If the customer is a consumer as defined in § 13 BGB and is unable to return the goods or services received, whether in whole or in part, or can return such goods or services only in deteriorated condition, the customer may be required to render compensation for the lost value thereof. In the case of provision of goods, this does not apply if the deterioration of the goods is attributable solely to the inspection or trial thereof, as might be possible in a retail store, for instance. Furthermore, the obligation to render compensation for lost value for deterioration that has occurred as a result of the use of the goods as intended can be averted if the consumer does not put the goods into use as if they were the consumer’s own property and refrains from taking any action that adversely affects the value thereof. Goods that are packaged and ready for shipment in parcel form must be returned to us at our own risk. The consumer is required to bear the costs of the return shipment if the goods delivered are as ordered and the price of the returned goods does not exceed € 40,00,- or if the price of the goods is higher and the customer has not yet rendered the consideration or any contractually agreed partial consideration at the time of the revocation. Otherwise, the return shipment is free of charge for consumers. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The time limit shall commence for the consumer upon sending of the statement of revocation or the goods, and for us the time limit shall commence upon receipt thereof. End of notice regarding revocations.

§4 Prices and payment terms
4.1. Orders placed via our Internet shop are subject to the prices listed at the time of the order. The purchase price indicated includes value-added tax (VAT) at the statutory rate applicable on the date of the order. VAT at the statutory rate is shown separately on invoices.
4.2. Unless otherwise agreed, prices are understood to be exclusive of shipping and packaging costs and (where applicable) the costs of transportation insurance.
4.3. The customer shall bear return shipment costs in the event that the customer is a consumer and exercises the right to revoke the offer to enter into a contract only if the goods delivered are as ordered and the price of the returned goods does not exceed € 40.00, or if the price of the goods is higher and the customer has not yet rendered the consideration or any contractu-ally agreed partial consideration at the time of the revocation.
4.4. Die ONGO® GmbH accepts only the types of payment indicated to the customer during the ordering process.
4.5. Application of a prompt payment discount (Skonto) requires a special written agreement.
4.6. Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, the total amount of compensation must be remitted without any deduction within seven days after issuance of the invoice. The time determining whether the foregoing time limit has been met shall be the time at which we receive the money, and in the case of funds transfer or payment by check, the time at which the funds are credited to our account. The customer is deemed in default of payment after a period of seven days. In this case, the customer may be liable for payment of interest at the statutory rate (i.e., vis-à-vis customers who are consumers, interest at the rate of five percentage points p.a. above the base interest rate, and vis-à-vis customers who are not consumers, interest at the rate of eight percentage points p.a. above the base interest rate).
4.7. The customer shall have no right to offset claims of its own against our claims except if such counterclaims have been established with final, binding legal force, are undisputed, or have been acknowledged by us.
4.8. If the customer is a business entity (Unternehmer), the customer is only permitted to exercise a right of withholding if the customer’s counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship and additionally is either undisputed or has been established with final, binding legal force.

§5 Delivery and delivery terms
5.1. Delivery deadlines or time limits are valid only if confirmed by us in writing and are binding only if expressly designated as such.
5.2. Agreed delivery time limits are deemed to have been complied with if the goods have been reported as ready for shipping by the time of expiration thereof, or if the goods that are the subject of the contract have been transferred, by the agreed delivery deadline, to the person who is to carry out the transportation thereof.

5.3. In the event that unforeseen delivery difficulties or obstacles to delivery that will affect a longer period arise, including non-availability of the goods, we are exempt fro our obligation to deliver goods. If the goods are not available, we will notify the customer without delay and will refund the customer without delay for any consideration already rendered with respect thereto. We reserve the right to extend a substitute offer to the customer. The customer shall have no claims for damages unless we are responsible for the obstacle to delivery. In that regard, Sec. 8 of these General Terms and Conditions of Business applies.
5.4. If we have promised specific delivery time limits, such time limits may be extended in the case of strikes and force majeure; such an extension shall apply for the duration of the delay.
5.5. If the customer fails to take delivery of the goods in due time, we are entitled to demand compensation for any damage or loss sustained as a result of such default, including any additional expenditures we may have incurred.
5.6. It is not possible to ship the goods to a packaging station.

§6 Passage of risk
6.1. In the case of consumers, the risk of accidental loss and incidental deterioration of the goods sold shall pass as of the time that the goods are transferred to the consumer or the recipient designated by the consumer in the case of purchases that are to be shipped. This applies regardless of whether the shipment is to be insured in transit.
6.2. If the customer is a business entity, a legal entity organized and existing under public law (juristische Person des öffentlichen Rechts), or a public-law special fund (öffentlich-rechtliches Sondervermögen), the risk shall pass to such entity as soon as the shipment has been transferred to the person who is to carry out the transportation thereof or has left our business premises for shipping purposes, including in the case of partial deliveries. This applies regardless of whether the shipment is made from the place of performance and regardless of who is to bear the costs of transportation.

§7 Liability for defects
7.1. Assertion of rights with regard to warranties for defects generally requires the presentation of the original purchase document or original invoice unless the customer otherwise furnishes proof of the establishment and content of the agreement.
7.2. If a defect is present, we are liable pursuant to the statutory provisions unless otherwise provided hereinafter.
7.3. ONGO® GmbH furnishes a warranty of functionality for all products sold by it for a period of three years as from transfer of the goods. Damage or disruptions attributable to improper use, use of force, or natural wear are not covered by this warranty.
7.4. A customer is required to notify ONGO® GmbH of any apparent defects in writing within two weeks after the time at which the defect becomes evident. If a justified complaint regarding a defect is made in due time, we will, at our option, either remedy the defect or supply a replacement, at no charge. If the warranty we are to perform fails within an appropriate period, the customer may demand that the compensation be reduced or may rescind the agreement.

§8 Liability for damages
8.1. Our liability for violations of contractual obligations and for legal offenses is limited to wrongful intent and gross negligence. This does not apply in the case of loss of the customer’s life, bodily injury to the customer, or impairment of the customer’s health, claims regarding violation of cardinal obligations, or compensation for damage suffered as a result of delay or default (§ 286 BGB). In that regard, we are liable for all degrees of fault.
8.2. The operating and assembly instructions enclosed with our products (also see www.ongo.eu) must absolutely be complied with. We are unable to assume any liability for damage or losses caused by improper use of our products.
8.3. If and insofar as any liability for damage or losses that is not based on loss of the customer’s life, bodily injury to the customer, or impairment of the customer’s health is not precluded based on these provisions, such claims shall lapse within one year beginning as of the time at which such claims arise.
8.4. If and insofar as liability for damages has been ruled out or limited vis-à-vis ONGO® GmbH, such disclaimer or limitation also applies with regard to personal liability for damages on the part of our management employees, workers, employees, representatives, and agents in the performance of our contractual obligations (Erfüllungsgehilfen).

§9 Reservation of title
9.1. In the case of contracts with consumers, we reserve the title to the goods delivered by us until the purchase price has been paid in full.
9.2. If the customer is a business entity, we reserve title thereto until such time as all claims under an ongoing business relationship have been settled and discharged in full, even if payment has already been rendered for the specific goods in question. If the value of security that has been furnished exceeds our claims on the customer by more than 20%, we are required to release, at the customer’s request, items of our choice from among those items of security to which we are entitled in a scope corresponding to the difference.
9.3. The customer is required to notify us without delay, and at the same time to provide us with the documents necessary for intervention, in the case of any execution measures levied by third parties against the goods subject to reservation of title; this also applies to adverse effects of other kinds. Irrespective of the foregoing, the customer is required to notify such third parties in advance of our existing rights to the goods.
9.4. If the customer is a business entity, the customer shall bear the costs of intervention on the part of the user in the case of execution measures levied by third parties insofar as the third party in question is unable to provide reimbursement therefor.

§10 Storage of data
We would like to point out that the data necessary within the context of the business rela-tionship are processed and saved by means of an electronic data processing system. Personal information is treated as confidential and not disclosed to third parties except with the customer’s consent, aside from cases in which we are obligated by law or ordered by a government agency to disclose such information. For further information, please see our website at www.ongo.eu/en/privacy

§11 Place of performance; place of jurisdiction
11.1. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the place of performance and place of ju-risdiction is the place in which we have our registered business office.
11.2. Solely the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and any other international agreements or conventions do not apply, including after such agreements and conventions have been integrated into German law. In the case of contracts entered into for purposes that cannot be attributed to the beneficiary’s professional or vocational activities (agreements with consumers), this choice of laws applies only if and insofar as the protection granted is not revoked by non-waivable provisions of law in the state or country in which the consumer has his or her usual residence.
11.3. In our business dealings with business entities (Unternehmer) and qualified businesspeople (Kaufleute), legal entities organized and existing under public law (juristische Personen des öffentlichen Rechts), or public-law special funds (öffentlich-rechtliche Sondervermögen), the sole place of jurisdiction is the court of jurisdiction for the location in which we have our registered business office.

§12 Final provisions
Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions of Business be or later become legally invalid in whole or in part, the remaining provisions hereof shall be unaffected by such circumstance. Any invalid provision shall be replaced with a valid provision that most closely approximates the intended economic purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies in the event of an unforeseen gap in the provisions hereof.

§5 Lieferung und Lieferbedingungen

5.1. Liefertermine oder Lieferfristen sind nur gültig, wenn sie durch uns schriftlich bestätigt werden. Sie sind nur verbindlich, sofern sie als solche ausdrücklich gekennzeichnet sind.
5.2. Vereinbarte Liefertermine gelten als eingehalten, wenn bis zu ihrem Ablauf die Versandbereitschaft mitgeteilt ist oder die vertragsgegenständliche Ware zum vereinbarten Liefertermin an die den Transport ausführende Person übergeben wurde.
5.3. Im Falle unvorhergesehen eintretender dauerhafter Lieferschwierigkeiten oder dauerhafter Lieferhindernisse wie einer Nichtverfügbarkeit der Ware werden wir von unserer Lieferverpflichtung frei. Bei Nichtverfügbarkeit der Ware werden wir den Kunden unverzüglich informieren und gegebenenfalls bereits erbrachte Gegenleistungen unverzüglich zurückerstatten. Wir behalten uns vor, dem Kunden ein Ersatzangebot zu unterbreiten. Schadensersatzansprüche des Kunden sind ausgeschlossen, es sei denn, wir hätten das Lieferhindernis zu vertreten. Insoweit gilt Ziffer 8. dieser AGB.
5.4. Sind von uns Liefertermine zugesagt, können sich solche Fristen im Falle von Streik und bei höherer Gewalt verlängern, und zwar für die Dauer der Verzögerung.
5.5. Bei Annahmeverzug des Kunden sind wir berechtigt, hieraus entstehenden Schaden ein-schließlich gegebenenfalls uns entstandener Mehraufwendungen ersetzt zu verlangen.
5.6. Der Warenversand an eine Packstation ist nicht möglich.

§6 Gefahrenübergang

6.1. Bei Verbrauchern geht die Gefahr des zufälligen Untergangs und der zufälligen Verschlechterung der verkauften Ware beim Versendungskauf mit der Übergabe der Ware an den Verbraucher oder einen von ihm bestimmten Empfänger über. Dies gilt unabhängig davon, ob der Versand versichert erfolgt oder nicht.
6.2. Ist der Kunde Unternehmer, eine juristische Person des öffentlichen Rechts oder ein öffentlich-rechtliches Sondervermögen so geht die Gefahr auf ihn über, sobald die Sendung an die den Transport ausführende Person übergeben worden ist oder zur Versendung unsere Geschäftsräume verlassen hat, und zwar auch dann, wenn Teillieferungen erfolgen. Dies gilt unabhängig davon, ob die Versendung vom Erfüllungsort aus erfolgt und wer die Frachtkosten trägt.

§7 Haftung für Mängel

7.1. Die Geltendmachung von Mängelgewährleistungsrechten setzt in der Regel die Vorlage des Original-Kaufbelegs bzw. der Original-Rechnung voraus, sofern der Kunde nicht anderweitig das Zustandekommen und den Inhalt des Vertrags nachweist.
7.2. Bei Vorliegen eines Mangels haften wir nach den gesetzlichen Vorschriften, soweit sich aus dem Nachfolgenden keine Abweichungen ergeben.
7.3. Während eines Zeitraumes von 3 Jahren ab Übergabe der Ware übernimmt die ONGO® GmbH eine Funktionsgarantie für sämtliche der von ihr vertriebenen Produkte.
7.4. Ein Kunde hat offensichtliche Mängel gegenüber der ONGO® GmbH innerhalb von zwei Wochen nach Auftreten des Mangels schriftlich anzuzeigen. Bei fristgerechter, berechtigter Mängelrüge bessern wir nach unserer Wahl kostenlos nach oder liefern Ersatz. Schlägt die von uns durchzuführende Gewährleistung innerhalb einer angemessenen Frist fehl, kann der Kunde die Herabsetzung der Vergütung verlangen oder vom Vertrag zurücktreten.

§8 Haftung für Schäden

8.1. Gemäß Unsere Haftung für vertragliche Pflichtverletzungen sowie aus Delikt ist auf Vorsatz und grobe Fahrlässigkeit beschränkt. Dies gilt nicht bei Verletzung von Leben, Körper und Gesundheit des Kunden, Ansprüchen wegen der Verletzung von Kardinalpflichten und Ersatz von Verzugsschäden (§ 286 BGB). Insoweit haften wir für jeden Grad des Verschuldens.
8.2. Die unseren Produkten beiliegende Gebrauchsanleitung, siehe auch unter www.ongo.eu, ist unbedingt zu beachten. Für Schäden, die durch einen unsachgemäßen Gebrauch unserer Produkte entstehen, können wir keine Haftung übernehmen.
8.3. Soweit eine Haftung für Schäden, die nicht auf der Verletzung von Leben, Körper oder Gesundheit des Kunden beruhen, danach nicht ausgeschlossen ist, verjähren derartige Ansprüche innerhalb eines Jahres, beginnend mit der Entstehung des Anspruchs.
8.4. Soweit die Schadensersatzhaftung gegenüber der ONGO® GmbH ausgeschlossen oder eingeschränkt ist, gilt dies auch im Hinblick auf die persönliche Schadensersatzhaftung unserer Angestellten, Arbeitnehmer, Mitarbeitern, Vertreter und Erfüllungsgehilfen.

§9 Eigentumsbehalt

9.1. Bei Verträgen mit Verbrauchern behalten wir uns das Eigentum der von uns gelieferten Ware bis zur vollständigen Bezahlung des Kaufpreises vor.
9.2. Ist der Kunde Unternehmer, behalten wir uns das Eigentum bis zur vollständigen Begleichung aller Forderungen aus einer laufenden Geschäftsbeziehung vor, auch wenn die konkrete Ware bereits bezahlt wurde. Übersteigt der Wert der Sicherung unsere Ansprüche gegen den Kunden um mehr als 20 %, so haben wir auf Verlangen des Kunden und nach unserer Wahl uns zustehende Sicherheiten in entsprechendem Umfang freizugeben.
9.3. Über Zwangsvollstreckungsmaßnahmen Dritter in die Vorbehaltsware hat uns der Kunde unverzüglich unter Übergabe der für eine Intervention notwendigen Unterlagen zu unterrichten; dies gilt auch für Beeinträchtigungen sonstiger Art. Unabhängig davon hat der Kunde bereits im Voraus die Dritten auf unsere an der Ware bestehenden Rechte hinzuweisen.
9.4. Ist der Kunde Unternehmer, so trägt dieser im Falle von Zwangsvollstreckungsmaßnahmen Dritter die Kosten einer Intervention des Verwenders, soweit der Dritte nicht in der Lage ist, diese zu erstatten.

§10 Datenspeicherung

Wir machen darauf aufmerksam, dass die im Rahmen der Geschäftsabwicklung notwendigen Daten mittels einer EDV-Anlage verarbeitet und gespeichert werden. Persönliche Daten werden vertraulich behandelt und - abgesehen von gesetzlichen oder behördlichen Mitteilungspflichten - nur mit Zustimmung des Kunden an Dritte weitergegeben. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Webseite unter der Rubrik Datenschutz.

§11 Erfüllungsort, Gerichtsstand

11.1. Soweit sich aus dem Vertrag nichts anderes ergibt, ist Erfüllungs- und Zahlungsort unser Geschäftssitz.
11.2. Es gilt ausschließlich das Recht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Das UN-Abkommen über den internationalen Kauf beweglicher Sachen (CISG) sowie etwaige sonstige zwischenstaatliche Übereinkommen, auch nach ihrer Übernahme in das deutsche Recht, finden keine Anwendung. Bei Verträgen zu einem Zweck, der nicht der beruflichen oder gewerblichen Tätigkeit des Berechtigten zugerechnet werden kann (Vertrag mit einem Verbraucher), gilt diese Rechtswahl nur insoweit, als nicht der gewährte Schutz durch zwingende Bestimmungen des Rechts des Staates, in dem der Verbraucher seinen gewöhnlichen Aufenthalt hat, entzogen wird.
11.3. Im Geschäftsverkehr mit Unternehmern, Kaufleuten, juristischen Personen des öffentlichen Rechts oder öffentlich-rechtlichen Sondervermögen ist ausschließlicher Gerichtsstand das für unseren Geschäftssitz zuständige Gericht.

§12 Schlussbestimmungen

Sollte eine Bestimmung dieser allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ganz oder teilweise rechtsunwirksam sein oder ihre Rechtswirksamkeit später verlieren, so bleiben die übrigen Bestimmungen davon unberührt. Unwirksame Bestimmungen werden durch solche, wirksame Regelungen ersetzt, die dem angestrebten wirtschaftlichen Zweck der unwirksamen Bestimmung am nächsten kommen. Entsprechendes gilt im Falle einer unvorhergesehenen Regelungslücke.