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Agility for more productivity

Big Data, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are driving significant change in the way we work. As new technologies transform routine jobs, completely new profiles and categories for human work will gradually emerge. As a result, tomorrow’s employees will work in a more agile way – creatively, collaboratively and constantly communicating.

To facilitate this, the workplace of tomorrow must offer greater flexibility. Agility will set tomorrow’s standards for productivity. And that’s precisely what ONGO® has created its new workplace concepts for.


ONGO Active Sitting

Move into the working world of tomorrow. Ergonomic office chairs have been optimized so that users can sit in them for as long as possible. But this is not adapted to human nature, nor to tomorrow’s needs. On ONGO® stools you constantly change your position: up, down, right, left, leaning forwards or backwards or sometimes inclined around the stool’s own axis. Stools are light so it’s simple to carry them from A to B with one hand. Or on wheels, allowing you to easily roll them to the next workstation. They’re so versatile that each working environment can be reconfigured in a matter of seconds ready for the next assignment: from individual workstation to team office, from think tank to the conference room, from co-working to a spontaneous stand-up meeting...

ONGO Mobile Desks

Creating Space for a new working era. Agile working means that teams can get together spontaneously for a project or task. However, individual employees may also need mobile retreats where they can concentrate undisturbed and work creatively. How do you satisfy such contrasting demands without spending huge sums of money? The ONGO® answer: cleverly designed and flexible mini work units that can be moved spontaneously from here to there to make every room the perfect workspace.

ONGO Pop-Up Office

A separate office for each project? Nothing could be simpler. With ONGO®, entire offices can be assembled in no time. Simply put your own workplace together with colleagues’ workstations when and where it makes sense. Maybe a few more ONGO®Boards and the think tank, meeting room or video conference is ready. And just as quickly as the office came into being, it is disassembled and on its way to the next appointment or assignment.