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About ONGO

Helping companies to more workplace agility.

«It’s never been human nature to stay seated all day long. Quite the reverse. We are really only productive when we move – both physically and cognitively.

Because every single change in position, space, location plus changing our perspective creates new inspiration. And that in turn increases output»
Eberhard Lenz.


„I didn't start out planning to design a seat. I just wanted to sit in a healthy way!"

Privately owned and human sized ONGO® was created by Eberhard Lenz in 2010 with the goal to make people’s office workplaces healthier and more flexible. Soon after, the first solutions for active sitting emerged.

Anticipating the future, ONGO® evolved step by step and today offers workplaces that are pioneering the agile and collaborative workspaces of tomorrow. Agility at all levels inspires the development of each individual ONGO® product. With our workplace concepts, we want to enable new forms of productivity in order to sustain the vitality of companies in the future.


At ONGO®, good design is a fusion of timeless design, practical daily functionality and seam- less integration into a wide variety of working environments and corporate structures. When designing our products, we don’t just think about their use, but far beyond – right up to when they are disposed of sustainably.

Where we stand (and sit!)

Sustainability is a top priority at ONGO®. “Made in Germany” brings a quality that lasts for many years. We use raw materials that are produced as sustainably as possible, such as wood from PEFC- or FSC-certified sources. We use materials in a way that consumes a minimum of raw materials and resources. And we reduce our transport costs and im- pact through efficient production processes and low transport weight. We label our components so that they can be easily dismantled and recycled. ONGO® also takes back used products for recycling. We are constantly working on innovative ideas to improve the sustainability of our products. For example, the new “ONGO® for Future” is made from a maximum of renewable or recycled materials.


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