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ONGOStand - the ergonomic stand aid

ONGO®Stand firmly stands on the floor with three feet. Its standpipe, resiliently mounted in the foot, is so flexible that the height as well as the inclination of the seat adapts perfectly to any working condition. Ideal for people who need or want to work standing up. Because the combination of stability and mobility increases the radius of action - for unimpeded concentration and optimal results


  • The seat is available in black and white as well as with a microfiber fleece padding - in black, gray and henna - which clips and clings very easily onto the seat and which can also be replaced


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Product Data

  • height 61-93 cm
  • seat 37 x 30 cm, available in black and white
  • optional seat cushion in 3 colors of microfiber fleece (black, grey, henna) or washable skai® nature base grey
  • height adjustable by gas spring with automatic reset
  • elastic support of the standpipe
  • 3-arm foot 53 x 33 cm
  • non-slip gliders in NBR
  • optionally available in ESD-compatible design
  • made in Germany
  • 3 years warranty


  • seat covers:
    1. Microfiber fleece: 88% polyester and 12% polyurethane, 70% recycled polyester, light fastness > 5, cycles > 50,000 Martindale
    2. skai® Dynactiv™ Makari 160: approx. 89% PVC compound and approx. 11% cotton, lightfastness 6, Abrasion cycles 150.000 Martindale, antibacterial, salt water resistant
  • seat foam: CFC-free polyurethane foam
  • seat (saddle seat): PA6 GF30
  • height adjustment lever: PA6 GF30
  • cone holder at the seat: aluminum
  • gas spring: steel/aluminum/plastic
  • elastic bearing: NBR/steel
  • collar: silicone
  • cone holder at the bottom: aluminum/steel
  • base: aluminum
  • gliders: NBR

ONGOStand ESD – DIN EN 61340-5-1

As with the proven ONGO®Stand, the ONGO®Stand ESD also emphasizes the seat as well as the elastic support of the standpipe in the foot. The shape of the seat was selected according to the ergonomic requirements so that the user can both sit comfortably on it and only lean against it. In order to be able to optimally adapt the position of the seat to the working conditions, the standpipe is not rigid but is mounted elastically in the foot. The elastic storage favors a large radius of action and overall active and therefore healthy work.

Product data

  • electrically conductive cushion Skai® Mano
  • electrically conductive, non slip gliders
  • conforms to DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • Cushion:
    • Skai® Mano S: 90% PVC-Compound, 10% BW/PES Fabric, electrically conductive
  • Seat: PA6 GF30, electrically conductive